Alloy Construction: Cutting-Edge Steel Fabrication Technology

Alloy Construction Service Inc., a family-owned and operated structural steel fabricating and erection company in Midland, offers the latest in Integrated Project Delivery System technology, utilizing a fourdimensional design software known as BIM that saves clients time and money.

Alloy Construction was founded in Carrollton, MI, in 1981 by the late Robert Neumann, and today is operated by his wife, Ronnie, and their son, Mike Laundra. The company specializes in industrial construction, retrofitting and maintenance of steel structures, especially for sophisticated construction users such as those in the chemical processing industry.

Alloy Construction is the first steel contractor in Michigan to utilize the Tekla® Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to fully integrate with their Ficep® computerized, robotic fabrication equipment. The software provides a detailed structural model — literally down to the size and placement of bolts — enabling the highest level of production control.

“BIM reduces your construction costs, because changing things becomes increasingly expensive as you move through the construction process,” said Laundra, Alloy’s vice president. “This allows us to handle those issues up front; changing things ‘on paper’ is relatively free.”

The integrated delivery process also enables real-time collaboration among all design team members, and provides Alloy’s steel detailers with a completed model to work from — all of which shorten a project’s lifecycle.

“The quicker our customers can start up production, the quicker they start earning a return on their investment,” noted Laundra.

Originally published by Midland Economic News
Volume 6, Issue 1