Our Team

What Alloy’s team brings to the table is a combined 30 decades of formalized training and hands on experience in the structural steel industry. With this background, and their dedication to excellence, comes the assurance of the highest level of accuracy, quality and satisfaction on each and every project.


Ronnie Neumann - President - Alloy Construction

Ronnie Neumann



Ronnie is the President and CEO of the Corporation. She oversees the overall direction of the organization as well as ensures that the well-being of all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, the broader community and our environment – are upheld in all that Alloy Construction does. Ronnie co-founded the company with her husband Robert in 1981. In those first ten, formative years, Ronnie learned and participated in every aspect of the operations of the company, from daily clerical duties, to all levels of accounting functions, and all the way through to more high level administrative responsibilities. Robert passed in 1991 at which point, with the joint effort of her son Mike, the business continued on. Over the years Alloy has grown to the capacity, additional services, and expertise it holds today, including a relocation to a much larger site in Midland, Michigan. Ronnie’s vision for the company is a world class operation with a family friendly and community conscious culture.

Mike Laundra - Vice President - Alloy Construction

Mike Laundra


Vice President

Mike has been involved with Alloy Construction since its founding in 1981. His first job in this family business was sweeping floors and cleaning the shop on weekends. As he worked his way up to full-time fabricator, and during his college years as an erector, his knowledge and understanding of the industry grew exponentially. Receiving his B.A. degree from Western Michigan University, he rejoined the company heading up the newly formed overhead door division. In need of a Safety Director he took on that role which gave him critical insight into the importance of everyone’s personal commitment to safety. To this day Alloy’s safety culture thrives. Next on his list of acquired skills – detailing fabrication drawings and estimating projects. Over the last 35 years Mike has gained experience in every aspect of the structural steel industry. Since 1991, in his role as Vice President of the corporation, he leads the estimating department as well as provides oversight of operations, project management, marketing, and corporate development.

Curt Johnson - Operations Manager - Alloy Construction

Curt Johnson


Operations Manager

Curt began his career at Alloy in 1991 as a field crew member and crane operator. After obtaining his welding classifications, he worked as a fabricator and welder for a period before taking on the role of Field Supervisor. In this position Curt learned to utilize scheduling software allowing him to take on a Field Superintendent position. During this time he became literate in Alloy’s detailing software, becoming certified in Tekla Structures. In 2008 he advanced into a Project Manager position, learning accounting software and estimation. He also became an instructor for Ironworker Apprenticeship, qualified riggers, and initial training for crane operators. In 2019 Curt was promoted to Construction Operations Manager where he ensures projects are managed to the highest of customer satisfaction. He interacts and collaborates with every department in the company to keep all processes flowing smoothly.

Stacy Ruppel - Controller - Alloy Construction

Stacy Ruppel


Controller, CPA

Stacy came to Alloy in 2012 to fill the position of Controller. She has been in the accounting field for over 25 years, earning a CPA license, Associates of Art Degree in Accounting and a BBA with a major in Accounting. Stacy started her career with a small, family owned manufacturing business followed by 6 years in a large CPA firm, earning her CPA license. She then took on the role of Controller for a small manufacturing company, then a retail company, and finally back to manufacturing, along with construction, at Alloy. Stacy oversees and manages finances and accounting to ensure that Alloy Construction is sustainable and achieves its business objectives. She also heads up Human Resources and works very closely with Operations Departments allowing her role to overlap with almost every aspect of the company. In effect, Stacy is the glue that holds the company together.

Project Managers

Steve Roth


Project Manager

Steve came to Alloy Construction in 2001 with a strong background in management, sales and customer relations. Functioning as Alloy’s customer advocate, he quickly gained a comprehensive understanding of the structural and miscellaneous steel industry. Steve served as a catalyst in the “customer centric” initiative Alloy used to improve already strong customer service and instill the importance of customer satisfaction throughout the company. Successfully completing the initiative, he advanced to the Project Management department. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Steve has refined his role and established himself as a solid, reliable, project manager.

Shayne Williams - Project Manager - Alloy Construction

Shayne Williams


Project Manager

Shayne started his career at Alloy Construction in 2011, but has been involved in the steel industry for over 20 years. He joined the Alloy team with a history and the experience of previously managing a maintenance organization focusing on ironwork, scaffold, civil construction, crane operating, and rigging. He has taken the instructor level NCCER examinations in scaffold building, mobile crane operation, and ironwork. As a project manager, he provides customer support, ensures that quality and safety are at the highest level on all projects, as well as estimates and budgets projects according to customer needs, and develops project schedules.

Nick Makl


Project Manager

In 2010 Nick was actively recruited by Alloy for his Project Management and Digital Design abilities and his 24 years in the steel industry. Prior to joining the Alloy team he held positions of Detailer, Project Manager, and Estimator for various structural steel fabricators. Nick made a significant impact on the Alloy team with his depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. An expert in Tekla®, a digital design and detailing platform, Nick’s experience has propelled our Design and Detailing Group to an even higher level of performance. He contributes regularly to our estimating and customer development teams, rounding out our capabilities as a company.

Division Leaders

Kyle Palmer - Pre-Engineered Building Manager - Alloy Construction

Kyle Palmer


Pre- Engineered Buildings Manager

Kyle has been in the ironworking trade since 1999 where he worked his way up through the ranks from supervisor of large projects, to his new role as manager of pre-engineered buildings. With twenty-one years constructing buildings teamed with extensive training and experience using American Buildings very own web-based design software, Kyle’s main strength is that he can save customers a tremendous amount of engineering hours and produce preliminary drawings that make their project tangible. Once we are awarded the work, Kyle will see the project through until its completion. Kyle also has his Journeyman Ironworker certification which he has used to teach apprentices in ironwork at the Greater Michigan Construction Academy since 2015.

Chad Florey - Dock and Door Division Manager - Alloy Construction

Chad Florey


Dock and Door Division Manager

Chad’s background includes 25 years of experience in the construction industry. His career path is typical in the industry, beginning as a field laborer, and moving up the ladder. His next rung was as crane operator and then field supervisor.  Having also been involved in quality control gives him a well-rounded knowledge in the industry. Chad, a Journeyman Ironworker, has also participated in leadership seminars including Dale Carnegie Training and programs through the Great Lakes Safety Training Center. In 2016, Chad became Alloy Construction’s Dock and Door Division Manager. His role includes estimation, project management, and maintenance coordination. Chad’s focus is to ensure that projects are executed to the highest standard Alloy Construction can provide.